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In 2013, over 232 million surgical procedures were performed in the world. In 2010, 52 million inpatient procedures were performed in the United States. The expected volume of surgical procedures is going to rise due to aging population with complex chronic medical conditions. CDC data shows that the cost of care is on the rise. Around 7 million postoperative complications occur per year world wide. An optimal preoperative evaluation can modify the risk of peri-operative complications. The average cost of a postoperative complication is more than $10,000. Evidence based preoperative preparation is often difficult due to increasing complexity of chronic illnesses, newer medications, constant changes in recommendations and increase in work load.


Complications Complications present (95% cl) Complications absent (95% cl) p value*
Median total hospital costs, $(IQR)
Infectious 13,083 (6,499-20,234) 5,044 (4,490-5,767) <0.001
Cardiovascular 18,496 (8,262-56,857) 5,236 (4,631-5,916) 0.001
Respiratory 62,704 (27,959-135,463) 5,015 (4,498-5,686) <0.001
Thromboembolic 33,589 (21,985-61,789) 5,233 (4,611-5,851) <0.001
Median length of stay,d(IOR)
Infectious 9 (7-13) 5 (4-5) <0.001
Cardiovascular 4 (2-35) 5 (1-9) 0.17

WHY THE MayaPre-Op?

A clinical decision support app designed to enhance the efficiency of pre-operative evaluation by providing point of care evidence based best practices that clinicians can easily access to the tip of hands of the clinicians when necessary. It comprehensively covers most of the relevant topics and presents them in a simple, linear user-friendly interface. It provides links to references based on which recommendations are made.

MAN and MACHINE working together

Computer algorithms are no match to human cognitive abilities such as intuition. However, delivering evidence based practices consistently across complex patients is very hard for human brain. We are hoping to bridge this gap.

Advanced algorithms to provide individualized recommendations in
less than two minutes on

  1. Risk of surgery
  2. Judicious recommendations on lab tests
  3. Assessment of functional capacity
  4. Tests to avoid
  5. Cardiac risk stratification
  6. Pulmonary risk stratification
  7. Thrombotic risk and anticoagulant medication management
  8. Peri – operative medication management

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Better care with MayaMD


Better care with MayaMD