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MayaPro is a clinical decision-support tool to help clinicians work in a more efficient way while adhering to the highest level of care. MayaPro’s core capability is differential diagnosis decision-support. It can process any number and/or combination of symptoms, signs, labs, medications, and patient history. The tool dynamically generates a probability-based differential diagnosis and provides the reasoning for the differentials. It is not a black box. The workup guide then recommends the physical signs, radiology tests, and labs that should be conducted to refine the diagnosis. This workup guide can allow nurses, NPs, PAs, and advanced practice clinicians to order the correct tests immediately, and potentially avoid unnecessary testing.

MayaPro Our Best Today for a Better Tomorrow

  • Evidenced based clinical triage tools for physician staff and healthcare workers.
  • Helping you to provide consistency of care by automating workflows saving you time and headaches.
  • See more patients at lower cost and with no loss of quality.
  • Saves time as it records most of the entire diagnostic conversation for you.
  • Increase quality time spent with your patients and get higher satisfaction ratings.

An Optimal Triage Solution

Up to 2/3's of the annual 27 million ED visits by privately insured people in the U.S. are avoidable, UnitedHealth Group. The average costs of treating these conditions in an ED is $2,032 , which is 12 times higher than the $167 it would cost in a physician's office. The cost is even 10 times higher than visiting urgent care - on average $193. Overall, our healthcare system could save $32 billion a year by diverting these ED visits to primary care or urgent care.


MayaPro: An Optimal Tool for Better Care

"Achieving higher quality care at lower cost will require an across-the-board commitment to transform the U.S. health system into a "learning" system that continuously improves by systematically capturing and broadly disseminating lessons from every care experience and new research discovery. It will necessitate embracing new technologies to collect and tap clinical data at the point of care, engaging patients and their families as partners, and establishing greater teamwork and transparency within health care organizations. Better use of data is a critical element of a continuously improving health system". Institute of Medicine report Best Care at Lower Cost, 2012.

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