An Innovative Teaching Tool for Students of Medicine

Create A More Interactive Learning Experience

  • Real time cases promote an unmatched learning experience.
  • Students develop diagnoses individually or in groups.
  • Increase student participation rates and measure their clinical reasoning skill.

MayaMD: Diagnosis and Critical-Thinking Teaching Tool

  • Unique interactive flip clinical education tool for diagnosis training.
  • Student and instructor interfaces that work together and allows the instructor to evaluate the student’s critical thinking skills.
  • Full differential diagnosis engine (process any number and combination of symptoms, signs, labs, tests, medications, past medical history) that guides the students on questions to ask and labs to conduct in order to refine the diagnosis.

MayaEdu: A clinical Reasoning platform for students of medicine

  • Instructor can watch their students’ screens as they respond to questions.
  • Instructor and admin can create groups that correspond to classes and specific grouping of students.
  • Students can reorder their differential list as well as generate their own differential diagnosis list.
  • Instructor can take students through required case studies and evaluate student’s understanding & decision process.
  • Instructor and students can post forum discussions on MayaEdu’s social platform, Xynapse(TM).

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