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See the true power of teaming human with AI technology. MayaMD is the most advanced personal health assistant available for patients and providers. Check symptoms, receive accurate triage & higher quality healthcare insights.


  1. AI symptom checker for patients.
  2. Tele-Triage chatbot for providers.
  3. Virtual care & clinical support solutions.

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Medicine is here MayaMD is one of the world’s most advanced personal health assistants. It can process quadrillion combinations of literally any symptoms, physical signs, lab tests within a tenth of second and give appropriate triage, recommend specialist, search for specialist, list all the diagnoses and list them in the order of importance and give reasoning for each, recommends physical signs to look for, lab tests to take, radiology and other investigations, and generate a clinical note which goes directly into the electronic health records of 1.5 million physicians in the US. Within 90 seconds, MayaMD captures about 25 decision points which no other symptom checker can match.
MayaMD is unique in mimicking the decision-making processes and cognitive strategies of top doctors. By contrast, predictive analytics tools use averages, which isn't helpful for individual patients. Fever in Patient #1 could mean meningitis, but in patient #2, the flu. Our technology thinks like the clinician who must work with an individual patient. MayaMD works based on pattern recognition and Bayesian statistics. Epidemiological data is interpreted based on the clinical presentation of individual patients; just like how top doctors solve clinical puzzles. It can interpret complex clinical data and give inferences found only among doctors with decades of experience. It also continuously learns from users, continually improving its own intelligence!
MayaMD can be used in real-time clinical practice, on patients, by doctors and nurses- not to mention by patients facilitating triage from home. In very little time our Ai solution can provide you with an accurate diagnosis to help you receive the proper care you need. No other Ai solution can match our speed and accuracy.

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Better care with MayaMD


Better care with MayaMD